Utility Assistance

HCS Family Services is a Salvation Army Service Extension that provides emergency assistance to Southeastern Du Page County residents.  The Salvation Army provides emergency assistance to residents of over 200 different communities. HCS provides emergency assistance through the use of Service Extension Checks or Service Extension purchase orders written directly to the vendor.

All individuals and families must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • There must be verifiable economic or personal crises (loss of income, medical emergency, death of a family member).
  • Assistance must make a difference in the client’s situation
  • Assistance must be part of a broader service plan.
  • Assistance cannot exceed $200 per household once every twelve months.
  • Assistance of special circumstances must be approved by HCS Family Services representative.
  • Service Extension Unit Volunteers and family members of, fellow employees, or volunteers working with Service Extension Unit Volunteers must be referred to The Service Extension Director at the Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters, for assistance.

HCS Family Services will assist clients to create a plan with their utility company in order to pay the balance of their bill in installments. Utility assistance, up to $200, may be provided to a client, when both of the following criteria are met:

  1. All other resources have been exhausted.
  2. Payment guarantees an additional 30 days of service.

Documentation is required including a copy of the most current utility bill, showing one month’s charges, including due date and/or disconnection notice, showing amount due and disconnection date.

For more information, please contact 630-323-2500 ext. 104.